Sundog Leather

"World's Best Custom Tooled Leather Motorcycle Fender Bibs."

How to get your own Custom Sundog Leather

What Sundog Leather Does - and How it can Happen for You.

 No  matter what Make or model bike you ride, Harley, Indian, Victory,  Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ridley.. if you see something in here that you like -  or if anything in here gives you ideas...  talk to me and we can create  something that will be just what you're looking for, whether you knew  what you wanted at first - or not!


  I  get questions all the time    "can you make this for an '03 Road  King?"...  or  "I like this - but I ride a 2019 FLHX." ...  My answer is  always the same...  "Let's make this for your ride!" Electra Glide,  Marauder, Eight Ball, Big Dog... if you want a custom leather fender bib  or dash panel, I can design and create a unique and totally custom  piece of art for your motorcycle!

 Your ideas, your wants... the  accessories on your bike, the paint on your tins...  What are you fond  of?  We can incorporate all of these ideas into your Bib and Tank panel. 

 What do you want to say?  We can say it graphically in Custom carved & tooled leather.... and say it with a hard core, Bad Ass attitude.

 • We start with you sending me digital pics of your ride
 • We talk and brainstorm about what your general ideas are.
 • We discuss size and fit... do you need to cover any areas of damage?
 • I work up a couple of layouts for you, and send you digital files to look at and make your comments about.
•  We come to an agreement on the general concept, basic layout, and  price. (pricing is all dependent upon degree of detail, amount of  pieces, the amount of cut-outs ... etc.)
 • I send you a final layout  for you to print, trim out and lay on your fender! get to see  the bib in B&W Line art form... the real size as it will appear on  your bike and lets you see for your final approval.
• I do my thing... I will send you occasional "teaser" pics to let you see the  progress on your bib..... and to keep you as fired up as I am.
• The  whole process should only take about two to three weeks after the layout  has been approved, depending on my rapidly tightening schedule, and   how quickly we finalize a design. 


The Molding Process

Additional Information

    People often ask me - How I get the curve to my bibs?


after many years of trial and error (mostly error) I was able to perfect a molding & drying

technique that does all of the work.

    Being the hard core environmentalist that I am, I always try to do my part for the environment and you'll generally find me treading softly and leaving a small footprint -

so..... I've harnessed the power of the Sun to direct it's strength to the specific points of compression on the leather, so as to simultaneously shrink the corresponding areas leaving the leather in the exact correct curve and contour as your bikes fender!

    As you can see from the Photo (un-retouched) the facets of the Prism are precise to

the areas of shrinkage. It's almost unbelievable!?

    I have yet to officially patent this piece of intellectual property.