Sundog Leather

"World's Best Custom Tooled Leather Motorcycle Fender Bibs."

The Ultimate in Personalized, Custom Leather for You & Your Ride

  The design & creation of a Custom Sundog Leather Fender Bib is a long, involved process

that requires many different leather crafting techniques and procedures.

   Each and every step requires 100% accuracy and precision, to insure a flawless

final construction and appearance. 

   I've set standards of +/-.020' for myself to guarantee that the final piece

is every bit as precise and detailed as presented in the layouts!

 Please look closely at any/every sample I've provided here.

Each piece is designed and built to be the Ultimate of what it is.

  Each has a distinct personality and attitude - right down to the twinkle in the eye of every Skull!

    Each is a statement and reflection of the You - the rider.... it doesn't get much more custom than that.

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Every piece I build requires a huge devotion of time, energy, experience, blood, sweat & tears.

   I would never be able to invest the Spiritual effort & physical time of carving & tooling leather, 

into a design or layout that I didn't believe in 100%.

I believe and intend for every piece I build, to be the best I can dream up within the parameters you set in front of me.

•  The average price today, for a Custom Sundog Leather Fender bib like you see above is  $650-750

 For this price you get the design, assembly, materials and shipping.

 It's a piece of commissioned artwork by an Independent, Self-Employed American, Commercial Artist.

 I don't normally charge extra for anything -so if the design warrants red python for example - so be it!

Please consider that each piece requires approximately 30 hours of hands on labor, dying, cutting, stamping, drawing etc, etc, etc....    by 1 guy   (me.)

 Each fender bib will have at least 2 layers of 8-9oz tooling leather.

 Backed with a thick felt - the only thing that touches the paint on your bike is felt.

 Black hardware, chrome hardware, brass - whatever  works best for you. Spikes, spots, Claws, Black, chrome, nickel.

 Chains! Snakeskin??

 Look closely at my lettering, I have a Muse named Charlie that is in my Studio whenever I hunker down to do typography.....

 all this energy, presence & positive vibes, in a piece of hard-core Black Leather Biker art.

Consider too the fact that what you get - is the only one that will ever exist on the Planet -

 and you ordered it and it's yours.

         ....this is why it's safe to say that Sundog Leather makes -

 the World's Best - Custom Leather Motorcycle Fender bibs.

I guarantee you that a piece of Custom Sundog Leather on your bike will get you a lot more "Oohs & Aahs" than any $2000 chrome wheel! 

Please contact me today to see what we can build for You and your Ride?!