Sundog Leather

"World's Best Custom Tooled Leather Motorcycle Fender Bibs."


Nothing Compares to a Sundog Leather Fender Bib!

You've never seen anything like a Custom Sundog Leather Fender Bib.

   Sundog Leather is the only place you’re going to get a Custom Leather,  Molded  Fender Bib for your Harley Davidson - or other make model of motorcycle.

   Years of experience refining this exclusive process, have enabled me to achieve consistently incredible results, not available anywhere else.

   Sundog Leather is the only place to go for this unmatched exclusive design and

 over-the-top custom quality.

   It has a molded in shape that conforms to the contoured shapes of your fender,  with all of it's compound curves and sexy lines.       It fits your fender like a skin.

   The 8-9 oz., veg tanned tooling leather that I use is molded by my exclusive process, to create a rigid yet flexible, extremely durable permanent shape.

  Almost 1/4” thick, about ½lb, every Fender Bib I create is a massive,  substantial and quality made custom leather accessory.

  Every Sundog Leather Fender Bib is created with this custom molded fit.

   Take a look at the samples on the following pages to see if you like any of the styles and designs I can create, and get in touch with me. 

  While I will never duplicate a design - we can use any sample as an inspirational starting point for yours!

   I will take as much pride… and will devote as much time to your leather, and your ride...   as I do with my own.


About Sundog

My Background


Commercial Artist, in one way or another since 1974.

 Art Direction, Design, Production - I've worked for some of the biggest/best Advertising Agencies in the world - look at me now!? I create the Worlds Best tooled leather motorcycle fender bibs!

My Medium


uh... I'm either 100% all out - or 100% chilled out - there is no "medium".

Parts of a Motorcycle:

Steel - Rubber- Leather

My Inspiration


I often tell my Clients that I will delve into my 

"Psychedelic,   Psycho Circus, 

Funeral Train Bar Car,

 Haus of Design"  

for inspiration and direction...

 You can expect the same!

Please check out my samples, there must be something there you like?